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C H O O S E Y O U R C I T Y ' S P A T H

In a country far far away, the forces of Light & Dark are amassing to fight an epic battle. You’ve been chosen for a mission of galactic proportions. Choose you must a city, and vote whether the city's path is one of Light or Dark. Determine the fate of cities you will. BIG Responsibilities you now have. YIKES! Wait you must not to complete this task as the matinee showing is imminent, and the newest action figure is awaiting your credit card. Go now Padawan, and may most of some kind of force be with you. Always.

Choose Must You, The City You Seek.

These 50 cities are at war - Choose one to decide its fate and your destiny. Or Not.

The city you seek is at peace. Perhaps into the galaxy’s abyss this city has fallen. Choose from the 50 warring cities in our system.